Download our UK pick up information brochure

Imagine spending summer in the UK or europe travelling in your very own motorhome! You can buy a motorhome backed and supported by TrailLite and their UK partners. You'll pick it up in the UK, travel to your hearts desire then we arrange to ship it back to New Zealand for you. 

We have a range of models with different price points, perfect for motorhoming both in the UK and NZ. 

Our UK pick up includes

  • Pick up in Suffolk in the UK with full handover and registration completed
  • Drop off at 12 locations in the UK for shipping back to NZ
  • Full compliance and registration completed in NZ

Download our brochure for more information including:

  • Further detail on what's included both in the UK and in NZ
  • Visuals showing the different floor plan options
  • Pricelist
  • All the details about when and where you can go

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