Our right fit assessment will make sure you're geared with the facts about what the right motorhome looks like for you! 

We've developed an online assessment process that is designed to connect your lifestyle and taste for adventure with the right specification and non-negotiables list. You can then use that to narrow down on what the right product looks like for you. We want to help you live your lifestyle dream to the fullest and not purchase a motorhome or caravan not ideally suited to your needs. 

We meet hundreds of customers every year who without a comprehensive consultation purchase a product they "think" suits their needs only to learn that the specification is nowhere near what they need to enjoy life on the road.

What the assessment includes: 

  • A detailed questionnaire developed from 65 years of experience 
  • Information about key specification requirements needed in a motorhome or caravan
  • A detailed report generated from the questionnaire 
  • What specification you specifically need to look for in a motorhome or caravan
  • Recommendations on the potential product that might suit your needs 

Simply complete the details in the form, and we'll be in touch with you to book a time. The consult will take place via zoom.